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We learned from them the love of the Book of God

November 12, 2019

I can only thank Allah, who allowed me to visit the Muslim minorities of Nepal and India with Quranforsoul Foundation.

I have always wondered about the usefulness of bothering to travel for the distribution of the Holy Quran, with the possibility to entrust this mission to others.

However, from my first trip with Quranforsoul Foundation in India in July 2018, then to Nepal in July 2019, and after meeting the Muslim minorities there, I realized the importance of direct communication during the distribution of the Holy Quran.

This is simply a support of great importance to believers who live faith in difficult conditions and an invaluable opportunity to renew the love of the message of God in our hearts. Our journey sends them a strong message that they are part of a great nation of believers, and that our hearts and souls have come together in God's love and message.

During my trip to Nepal and India with the distribution team, I learned valuable lessons. Perhaps the most important thing is to see pious people, with pure minds and unparalleled sincerity. We touch their love and respect to the Holy Quran in their eyes and hands, which reflect the greatness of revelation. 

Allah’s believers showed me the way with decency and tranquility. I have seen their spiritual strength in their behavior manifested without noise, speech, or even words.

We have seen children, in spite of their destitution, take with both hands the Holy Quran which was distributed to them with eyes full of tears. We had separated from them for two hours and had come-back, and we found them still clasping the Quran with great joy and tearful eyes. We understood the reason when we saw the library of the school, which contains only parts of the Holy Quran torn and rebuilt, divided into several chapters so that it can be distributed to the largest number of students. I wondered how many copies of the Holy Quran contained the libraries of our houses, forgetting its reading and neglecting its memorization.

Also, I was struck by the love of the Muslims we visited of the Arabic language. These believers love Arabs for the simple fact that they speak the language of the Holy Quran. Most of the imams and leaders of the Islamic centers we met also speak this language. What also caught my attention is that at first, some people thought that Quranforsoul is a governmental organization and that we made the trip to take pictures with them and exploit them for advertising; but when they knew we relied exclusively on Muslim donations without governmental support, their appreciation of the effort was immense and more joyous.

In Kathmandu, Nepal, I remember that a sister who speaks the Arabic language like her husband who learned it in a Gulf country, complained about the lack of a certified translation of the Holy Quran in Nepalese. The same concerns were raised by Muslims in India. This problem, which particularly concerns new Muslims who do not speak Urdu and Arabic, limits their relationship with the Holy Quran to some available, rare and incomplete translations.

That is why their interest and aspiration for the Quranforsoul project was important.

It was an unprecedented experience; we have learned a lot, and we have seen how much people love God and His word.