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Don't Burn the Holy Quran, Read It Instead!

August 21, 2023

Islam, as a religion of the heart and reason, has never questioned the intellectual capacity of humanity. On the contrary, throughout the verses of the Holy Quran, it has invited this chosen and honored being to engage their faculties of comprehension, seek knowledge, and build individual consciousness and intact morality. All of this aids in finding meaning in life and establishing a framework for family and society.

This is why the freedom of conscience and belief, even freedom in its entirety, are considered central concepts in the Islamic faith. The religion aims to provide individuals with the means to lead a fulfilling life, both in this world and the hereafter.

For reasons tied to personal interpretation of religious concepts or influenced by the happenings of a particular region, some individuals may exercise their freedom of conscience to dishonor the very sanctuary of freedom: the Holy Quran. However, this shouldn't incite hatred or discontent towards them. Instead, we should welcome them with kindness and care, recognizing that their inappropriate and hurtful behavior stems from ignorance and a misunderstanding of Islam.

The current world doesn't need more acts of discrimination. It has even less need for a culture that encourages book burning, whether it's the Holy Quran or any other sacred book or human work. It's crucial to learn to disregard provocations and incitements to hatred, and to understand that the actions of a few individuals, who can be counted on one hand, can't be the source of such widespread harm. In a context where certain countries still allow hatred towards others to masquerade as freedom, it's essential to combat ignorance and cultivate love for fellow humans. This is the most vital lesson that the Holy Quran imparts to us.

But how can we fight ignorance and ensure that those contemplating burning the Holy Quran instead choose to read and understand it, thus exercising their own judgment? How can we draw the line between the Holy Quran, the word of the Almighty and the Most Merciful, and the prejudices circulating on social media fueled by an Islamophobia that doesn't represent Western societies as a whole?

At the Quranforsoul Foundation, we address this issue by focusing on the core: placing trust in the intelligence of each individual by offering the Holy Quran translated into their native language. This should more than suffice. After all, if a Muslim remains unaware of the concepts of their own religion and lacks access to the primary source in their own language—the Holy Quran—they are as likely to cause harm as individuals from other religions or philosophies. In truth, ignorance is our challenge, not the human beings who are its victims.

We invite you to stand with us in this endeavor.