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Illuminating Hearts: A Journey of Joy and Knowledge in Bangladesh

July 17, 2023

Nurturing Souls with Divine Wisdom

The Republic of Bangladesh finds its place in the southeastern corner of Asia, surrounded by India on all sides except the southeast, where it shares its border with Burma. Together with the Indian state of West Bengal, Bangladesh forms the culturally rich region of Bengal, known officially as the State of Bengal in the Bengali language.Islam's presence in Bangladesh has roots dating back to the thirteenth century AD. Arab traders, Persian clerics, and territorial conquests introduced the Islamic faith to the region. Shah Jalal, a prominent Muslim scholar, made his mark in 1303 when he arrived in the Sylhet region with a retinue of disciples, imparting religious teachings and values to the local populace.Religious diversity thrives in the Republic of Bangladesh. While the nation boasts a Muslim majority, the 2022 census indicated that Muslims make up around 91.04% of the population—approximately 150 million out of a total 165 million. The majority adhere to the Hanafi school of thought within Sunni Islam. Despite its Islamic majority, Bangladesh is fundamentally a secular country, where the coexistence of diverse religious and cultural identities is celebrated.Among the many remarkable traits of Bangladesh is its textile industry. However, beyond the economic buzz, lies a stirring determination among its people—a commitment to education amidst modest means. Old neighborhoods brim with faces eager to learn, striving against odds to establish themselves through knowledge despite limited resources and poverty.In this tapestry of stories, a unique journey unfolds—the distribution of the Quran. This journey was marked by immeasurable joy. Beginning in remote villages and uncharted areas, we distributed copies of the Book of Allah, reaching individuals who had never before held its wisdom. Our endeavor extended to schools, institutes, universities, and private educational centers. The act of reminding people of their need for the Quran in their native language was profound, fostering a sense of brotherhood, unity, and gratitude.With Allah's blessings, close to 36,000 translated copies found their way into the hands of individuals with pure hearts, igniting a firework of happiness and contentment. Join us in this mission—to share the divine wisdom of the Book of Allah, and through your contribution, help us illuminate hearts with the light of knowledge and joy.