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Offer the Holy Qur’an, medicine for the soul

June 29, 2020

The crisis of COVID-19 came on suddenly, abruptly interrupting human activity and threatening the health of millions of us. This ordeal reminds us of our vulnerability and the fragility of our existence, in the face of phenomena that are beyond our scope and know no boundaries.

Although we cannot ignore the human drama, the economic downturn has nevertheless raised questions about our way of life, particularly with regard to mobility, consumption and ecology. Have we not seen, in just a few weeks, a certain rebirth of nature, the calming of cities free of noise and light pollution, and the immediate reduction of pollution? Have we not had confirmation that teleworking, family time, neighbourhood solidarity and a preference for local production are a source of well-being? Studies show that the COVID-19 crisis will have a favourable impact on our relationship to consumption.

To this, we hope to add a strengthened faith in the minds and hearts of Muslims, thanks to the lessons learned from this gigantic crisis. The creator of all things gives us His guidance in the Holy Qur'an, His word. Reading it, learning it and studying it leads to peace of mind.  Yet many Muslims do not have the joy of possessing the Qur'an, just as some mosques do not have enough of it to meet the needs of the faithful. The QURANFORSOUL foundation has the vocation to produce and distribute the Holy Qur'an to communities that request it, all over the world. By participating in this effort through your donations, you will have the immense satisfaction of placing the book of divine revelation, in the hands of one or more believers, and this year after year.

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