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The Quranforsoul foundation: entirely dedicated to the Holy Qu'ran

June 16, 2020

Discover in this informal interview with the president of the Foundation, the ins and outs of the project of distribution of the Saint-Qu’ran by QURANFORSOUL.

How do you organize the distribution of the qu'ran by the foundation, in the world?

With the Al Jumuah Foundation, we have a reliable and dedicated partner who publishes the oldest English-speaking Muslim magazine in the world. This foundation has an international network of partners active in local communities, which facilitates the selection of communities to serve.

Why did you develop a qu’ran distribution project?

It responds to a need, which is constantly growing. Schools, mosques and centres are multiplying in Muslim countries, and must be equipped with the means at the disposal of the faithful. Our contribution is becoming a necessity.

Have you already produced and distributed translated versions?

The Qu’ran is always in Arabic, the translation being considered as exegesis. We have produced versions in French, English, Chinese, Spanish and Urdu.

What was the process of checking the translation?

Translations are checked by scientific committees and Muslim scholars. This is a requirement that we take very seriously. Allah says: "Do you still hope to see them one day share your faith, even though some of them have already knowingly altered the Word of God, having understood its meaning? " (Sura The Cow 2/verse 75). Any negligence, however slight, in the translation of the divine word can lead to its falsification, even involuntary, which is particularly serious. We take our mission very seriously.

What is the principle of quranforsoul, the gift for life?

Giving once is a noble gesture, but giving for life makes the donor a partner. We offer our donors the opportunity to preserve their gifts and see the return each year in the printing of the Holy Quran. QURANFORSOUL only uses the return on the capital entrusted to it. This can be seen in full transparency on our website.

How is the quranforsoul foundation financed?

The foundation is financed by the initial donation capital made available by the founders. This capital is increased daily by the donors.

What are your objectives?

Our ambition is to print and distribute one million copies of the Holy Koran by 2023.

Do you have any plans to diversify?

Given the growing need, we are focusing mainly on printing the Holy Koran. However, we plan to diversify our business to make the Holy Quran, as well as its translations, available in a digital format. We also plan to launch an application.

Why did you choose to locate the foundation's headquarters in Geneva?

Geneva is the most open city in Europe, where freedom of worship and secularism coexist. We are also close to organizations similar to ours and can benefit from this dynamic. Today, freedom, as well as security, are essential conditions in the development of humanitarian projects. We appreciate the organization of Switzerland and the Canton of Geneva.

What message does quranforsoul wish to send to muslims around the world?

The love of Allah passes through only one sure path, which is that of love of one's fellow human beings. The great human family is descended from single parents, Adam and Eve. The more useful we are to others, the closer we come to God. The Holy Qur'an, the word of God, is a universal light, let us follow it, it will guide us towards bliss.