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Our 2019 actions in figures

September 15, 2020

The Quranforsoul Foundation is invested with a noble mission; It is a matter of responding to the demand of Muslim communities in all countries, faced with their needs for the provision of the Holy Quran, and therefore to allow its discovery and learning. In this globalized world which causes great inequalities and the retreat of spirituality, initiatives allowing to get closer to the Divine Message are more necessary than ever.

Quranforsoul does not have a proselytizing vocation, although any contribution - even indirect - to the awakening to Islam is in itself a blessing; The purpose of the Foundation is to provide access to the Word of God, without a dogmatic vision and without any other aim than to support the new generations in learning about Islam, especially the most vulnerable communities.

In 2019, the Foundation was highly active, with the distribution of 163,645 copies of the Holy Quran, during two trips made respectively to South Africa and Nepal.

Present during the distributions, the members of the foundation Board testify to the moments of spiritual sharing lived with their hosts, and to the example of passion given by these establishments and their supervisors. Most of them work with extremely limited resources and often face crisis situations. Yet their courage never falters; their humility, optimism and love are all just admirable. May God reward them. 

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