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Will you believe it?

May 08, 2020

While families around the world are gathered to cross the month of Ramadan in prayer, meditation, sharing and reading the Holy Quran, millions of Muslims do not have the same privilege. As surprising as it may seem in the 21st century, many Muslim communities do not have copies of the Holy Quran!

The Covid-19 crisis worsens the situation of Muslims who only have access to the Holy Quran through the attendance of mosques. And even in some of them, copies are missing to cover the needs of the faithful. Also, in this blessed month, Quranforsoul calls on your generosity to fund the fund to produce and distribute the necessary copies to communities and organizations who request them, worldwide.

How does Quranforsoul work? We are a non-profit foundation under Swiss law, entirely dedicated to the production and free distribution of the Holy Quran, in the desired translations. Each year, Quranforsoul implements a program to print thousands of copies of the Holy Quran, which are then sent free of charge to religious institutions and organizations upon request.

A principle of financing and functioning respectful of Muslim ethics Donations reaching us are invested in strict compliance with Islamic finance. The capital constituted by donations is never exposed. Only the return on investments is used to produce copies of the Holy Quran. As you can see, your contribution produces fruit each year by directly contributing to access to the sacred text. For example, a donation of $ 200 will print and distribute each year a copy of the Holy Quran with its translation. But, of course, it is you who chooses the amount you wish to donate. For you, the benefit is magnificent: your donation is renewed over time and contributes to the learning of the Divine Word by brothers and sisters from all walks of life.

How to donate? You just have to go to the Quranforsoul site where it is easy to make your contribution, to better know our foundation and our news. Join us in the  wonderful  spiritual adventure of Quranforsoul!