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January 29, 2020

Allah (swt) says in Qur’an, “Verily in the remembrance of Allah hearts find rest (contentment)” Arrad - 13:28

We are living in a society where physical needs are largely met in excess, but our soul is largely starved. We have most comfortable beds but unable to get fulfilling sleeps, we have lot of people around but unable to lend unwavering trust; lot of people suffer with hypertension, depression, anxiety and even suicidal thinking. According to records, every 4th person is suffering from some level of depression and suicide is one of the top 10 reasons for death among the age group of 18-30 globally.

The problems with all above issues are that they are purely spiritual and mental issues; it is when soul is starved of its food (i.e. remembrance of Allah) such thoughts start crossing minds. The body has its rights and its demands upon us. However what worth does the body have without the soul? It is a mere corpse, no matter how powerfully or beautifully it is constructed. If the soul departs from it, it becomes a wasted husk. Its beauty can only be realized in partnership with the soul.

If we look to apply this concept within an Islamic context, we immediately notice that all our acts of worship (including Salah, Saum, Zakah, and Hajj) require the participation of both the body and the soul. The physical aspects of our prayers are our standing, bowing, sitting, and prostrating. These are the aspects of prayer that most Muslims learn and commit to memory. The spiritual aspects of prayer are our devotion, humility, and submission to Allah (swt) in full sincerity and devotion. It entails our recognition of Allah’s greatness and divinity that inspires us with a sense of reverence and awe.

Following are some noteworthy aspects in relation with Quran:

Quran is an instruction manual for life, so it must be linked with life in all aspects be it spiritual, social, economic, ruling, judicial, educational, environmental, and all other aspects we can imagine of life. Linking Quran with every step of life is practical way to do Zikr of Allah (swt) and be thankful for providing comprehensive guidance through Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet (saw). :

  • Quran is an ocean and only after deep dive contemplation one is able to get access to get pearls of knowledge from it. Thus, Quran must be made a subject of study. So, for students who are having 6 subject to study in a semester, should take 7th subject as Quran and read and contemplate its Ayah as they do with their other subjects. It should be studied on the study table with proper notes detailing personal notes, observations, reference books, ayah to contemplate, ayah for further enquiry from those who know, favorite ayah etc.
  • It is also important to note that strong relation with Quran is not possible unless its meaning is understood. Therefore, it is incumbent for all Muslims to learn its language (Arabic) to be able to understand its meaning. As far translations are concerned; they are good enough for beginners but how can true lover of Allah (swt) be satisfied with only secondhand interpretation and translation of His message?
  • A mind mapping of Quran must also be done to remember more and more ayah and Surah so that Hifz of Quran becomes a gradual process as we graduate in our life. So, there are 114 surah in Quran, remembering them may seems tough but it is easy, Once the name of surah and their respective position is remembered, mind is mapped with 114 columns. After this whatever ayah you like just put the ayah in the respective column. After this start revising these ayahs of interest and putting more and more ayah in the respective surah. So ‘read, write in column, revise, and read’ loop will soon make many ayah comes to the lips and this not only increases ones relation with Quran but inspires many people around to learn and remember the ayah one quotes.

Qur’an for soul is a foundation dedicated to earn pleasure of Allah with attempt to make Quran reach till the last man in the world. Quran for soul carries out a program to translate and print thousands of copies of the Holy Quran, which are then distributed free of charge to people who are looking for it.

Your contributions are considered as a donation in the context of the Muslim Waqf practice, which will be used to generate a steady income that we can utilize annually to produce and distribute more copies of the Holy Quran. Using the Waqf concept to build the endowment of the “Quranforsoul” foundation will give us a higher reward here, and in the life-after because we participated and applied the concept of on-going giving of sadaqa jariya

Husain Ahmad Siddique, New Delhi