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July 01, 2021

The Quranforsoul Foundation continues its mission of distributing the Holy Quran to Muslim communities who request it, throughout the world. Each year, we emotionally contribute to the transmission of the word of God and its translation, in the best possible conditions.

In this month of June 2021, we are completing our operation in Ghana, where we have been able to distribute many copies to different Muslim associations.
Our engagement in Ghana and Kenya confirms the immense needs of the Muslim community in emerging countries. The wealth of several countries makes us forget the poignant reality of millions of individuals, our brothers, and sisters in spirituality, who cannot own their personal copy of the Holy Quran and often live in the greatest precariousness. .
It is imperative that we come to their aid so that they too find the comfort of the Word of God, and His guidance.The Waqf method chosen by Quranforsoul Foundation to finance our charitable operations allows you to perpetuate your donation without time limit. How? By the simple fact that we only use the yield obtained in accordance with Islamic finance. So each year your donation generates income which, together with the others, enables the printing and distribution of a large number of books. Our distribution operations are carried out in the greatest transparency, in strict compliance with the standards and jurisdictions of the countries that host our campaigns. Likewise, we operate a particularly strict management of our endowment capital, which increases with each donation, regardless of its amount. By supporting Quranforsoul, you open wide the path of Knowledge and make the natural and fraternal gesture of entrusting a Holy Quran to the one who does not have it, with the translation of its verses in his native language. " (Here is) a Book which We have sent down Unto thee, full of blessings, That they may meditate On its Signs, and that Men of understanding may Receive admonition".( Sūra 38: Sād )